Lodge St. Andrew #518

A photographic look around inside the #518 Lodge building

The Lodge Room

Lodge St. Andrew #518 - Looking to the East

Looking to the East

Lodge St. Andrew #518 - Looking to the East

Looking to the West

Lodge St. Andrew #518 - Looking to the East

Our Lodge room is quite unique (not the only one) by having the entrance in the East.

A closer look at the East / West.

Close up of the East Close up of the West

Hanging above the Chair of King Solomon in the East is a beautiful picture, gifted by Bro. Steve McKim
(Honorary Life Member).

Again gifted by Bro. McKim, and given our second most honoured place, above the W.S.W.'s pedestal.

St. Andrew #518 poster

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Masonic Working Tools poster

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The Wand Stands

Lodge St. Andrew #518 WAnd Stands

The wand stands were made & gifted to the Lodge by
Bro. Norman Robertson
in 2001.

518 Wand Stands
518 Wand STands 518 Wand Stands

The Anti-Room

The pool table was purchased in 2001, during the reign of P.M. Eric Grant, and has been a enjoyable past-time at many Harmonies. The lid was added soon after (by yours truly) and has born the burden of many briefcases during meetings.

518 Pool Table

The dartboard was donated to the Lodge by P.M. Brian Jamieson, again in 2001, and has proved every bit as popular as the pool table, although pool balls don't leave holes in the wall when you miss!

518 Dart Board

The Past Masters Gallery. The photos were scanned Bro. Duncan Russell, printed & framed Bro. Bro. David Cooknell. There is now a fifth frame, updated photo be added soon.

Past Masters Gallery
518 Anti-room / Kitchen

The new kitchen was fitted in 2004.

518 Kitchen area

I would like to thank all the Brethren that lent a hand in last years decorative overhaul of the anti-room,
especially Bro. David Cooknell (who spent many hours patiently filling & painting),
Bro. Eric Grant for his deft hand with a gloss brush,
and Bro. John Southworth, for keeping the power flowing down the cables.