Lodge St. Andrew #518

Roll Of Honour

Past Masters of #518

If any person can provide a photograph of any of the missing Past Masters your assistance would be greatly appreciated, also alternate photograhs of those already listed. Thank you.

All photographs are linked to a larger image.


Bro. James Morrice1872 - 1873No image available
2Bro. William Davidson1873 - 1876William Davidson
3Bro. George Crystall1876 - 1878George Crystall
4Bro. William Wallace1878 - 1879William Wallace
5Bro. George Crystall1879 - 1884George Crystall
6Bro. George Brown1884 - 1885George Brown
7Bro. William Davidson1885 - 1886William Davidson
8Bro. George Brown1886 - 1888George Brown
9Bro. Hugh Kieth1888 - 1889No image available
10Bro. William Davidson1889 - 1890William Davidson
11Bro. George Rae M.D.1890 - 1891George Rae
12Bro. Dr. David Traill1891 - 1893David Traill
13Bro. Alexander Calder1893 - 1895Alexander Calder
14Bro. John Gordon1895 - 1896John Gordon
15Bro. Dr. David Traill1896 - 1899David Traill
16Bro. Alexander Calder1899 - 1900Alexander Calder
17Bro. Alexander Cameron1900 - 1902Alexander Cameron
18Bro. George Brown Jnr.1902 - 1903George Brown Jnr.
19Bro. William Lowe1903 - 1904William Lowe
20Bro. Alexander MacKay1904 - 1905Alexander MacKay
21Bro. Andrew Brown1905 - 1912Andrew Brown
22Bro. Andrew S Cheyne1912 - 1913Andrew S Cheyne
23Bro. John Smith1913 - 1915John Smith
24Bro. William G Urquhart1915 - 1918William Urquhart
25Bro. John Murray1918 - 1919No image available
26Bro. Alexander J Ritchie1919 - 1921Alexander J Ritchie
27Bro. Andrew R Begg1921 - 1923No image available
28Bro. John Mowat1923 - 1926No image available
29Bro. John Stuart1926 - 1928No image available
30Bro. George McGregor1928 - 1930No image available
31Bro. James Murray1930 - 1932No image available
32Bro. George Taylor1932 - 1934No image available
33Bro. Alexander Sangster1934 - 1937No image available
34Bro. George Moir1937 - 1938No image available
35Bro. William G Shand1938 - 1939William Shand
36Bro. Iverach N McDonald1939 - 1942No image available
37Bro. Robert Donald1942 - 1944Robert Donald
38Bro. William K Mowat1944 - 1946William Mowat
39Bro. Eric D Woodrow1946 - 1948No image available
40Bro. Alexander Esslemont1948 - 1949No image available
41Bro. Dillan Smith1949 - 1950Dillan Smith
42Bro. William Pirie1950 - 1951No image available
43Bro. James E Cheyne1951 - 1952James Cheyne
44Bro. Douglas Dick1952 - 1954No image available
45Bro. James Chalmers1954 - 1956James Chalmers
46Bro. Andrew Michie1956 - 1959Andrew Michie
47Bro. George Keith1959 - 1961George Keith
48Bro. George Leel1961 - 196George Leel - aka - Prodo
49Bro. Alan Donald1962 - 1965Alan Donald
50Bro. George Leel1965 - 1967Bro. George Leel - aka - Prodo
51Bro. Ian Whyte1967 - 1969Ian Whyte
52Bro. James S Smith1969 - 1971James Smith
53Bro. E Gene Booth1971 - 1973Gene Booth
54Bro. John Smith1973 - 1974John Smith
55Bro. Alexander C Keith1974Sonny Keith
56Bro. George Milne1974 - 1975No image available
57Bro. David C Will1975 - 1977No image available
58Bro. George H Grant1977 - 1978George Grant
59Bro. James MacLeod1978 - 1980James MacLeod
60Bro. Thomas Robertson1980 - 1983Tommy Robertson
61Bro. James S Taylor1983 - 1985Bro. James Taylor
62Bro. George Wood1985 - 1986No image available
63Bro. John Southworth1986 - 1988Johnny Southworth
64Bro. Alistair Mowatt1988 - 1990Ali Mowatt
65Bro. Kenneth Duncan1990 - 1992Kenny Duncan
66Bro. Brian Jamieson1992 - 1994Brian Jamieson
67Bro. Kenneth McRobbie1994 - 1996Kenny McRobbie
68Bro. James S Cheyne1996 - 1997Jimmy Cheyne
69Bro. Brian Jamieson1997 - 1998Brian Jamieson
70Bro. David Hutcheon1998 - 2000Davie Hutcheon
71Bro. Eric Grant2000- 2002Eric Grant
72Bro. David Jamieson2002 - 2004David Jamieson
73Bro. David S Gillies2004 - 2006David Gillies
74Bro. John Southworth2006 - 2008Johnny Southworth
75 Bro. David Jamieson 2008 - 2010 David Jamieson
76 Bro. Andrew Herd Duthie 2010 - 2012 Bro. Andrew Duthie
77 Bro. Duncan Alexander Russell 2012 - 2014 Bro. Duncan Russell
78 Bro. Eric Grant 2014 - 2016 Bro. Eric Grant
79 Bro. Duncan Alexander Russell 2016 - 2020 Bro. Duncan Russell
80 Bro. Norman Robertson 2020 - Bro. Norman Robertson