Lodge St. Andrew #518

Foreword by the R.W.M. Bro. Duncan A. Russell

R.W.M. Bro. Duncan Russell Brethren and visitors to our website,

Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to look through our site and I hope you have found something of interest, it is our aim with this site to enlighten those outwith the Craft and educate those who are within. Please feel free to leave any coments and/or questions you might have about the Lodge, the Craft in general or the web site in our Guest Book.

We are a small rural Scottish Lodge with a strong core of active members, and any Brother finding themselves in our small corner of the country is more than welcome to drop in and see us.

To the Brethren of St. Andrew #518, I thank you for electing me and hope that I can serve the Lodge as well as my predecessors and do my bit to further the interests of the Lodge.

To the office bearers who will be serving with me over the next twelve months -
I hope we have a busy year..!

   Fraternally yours

   R.W.M Bro. Duncan Russell