Lodge St. Andrew #518
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I've always wanted to write something about men that for one reason or another stop attending Lodge meetings and for a variety of reasons never come back, despite everyone's best attempts to reassure them of the welcome they would receive, then per-chance this wee snippet literally fell into my hands.

June 2020

Bro. Norman Robertson 80th. Installed Master of St. Andrew No° 518

R.W.M Bro. Norman Robertson

This is a short history of my path taken in Freemasonry. My first encounter was with Tam Robertson one evening at the R.B.L. New Pitsligo, when the subject of the Masonic Order was discussed, I forget the details now but whatever transpired by the end of the evening Tam offered to be my Proposer, looking back now I can only thank him with all my heart. Since then I have made friends with many in the Craft, too many to name, and many more to be thankful for.

My rise through the offices of the Lodge was swift, I missed I.G., then spent one year each in J.D. & S.D. before being confronted with the prospect of J.W., at that point the position of Secretary became available which I was rewarded with. I much enjoyed my period as scribe and there I stayed for a few years...

I fell away from the Lodge for many years which was deeply distressing to me, but thankfully time is a great healer and I must thank Martin Russell for his indefatigable prowess in willing me back to the bosom of 518, others that have been supportive of me are too many to mention, but special thanks must go to Davie Hutcheon and Duncan Russell, bless them...

In god I trust... Norman Robertson R.W.M.

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