Lodge St. Andrew #518

For those of you not familiar with the word "Doric". It is in short the local dialect for the North East corner of Scotland. It is primarily English, but spoken in such a way that sometimes it is not recognisable as such. Combine this with a good input of words that are most assuredly not English and you have... Doric..!

The "Doric" Mark - since 1993.

The origins of the "Doric" Mark Degree in Lodge St. Andrew #518 can be traced back to a discussion in 1993 regarding the different languages in which the various recognised degrees in Freemasonry were being worked throughout the world. It was agreed upon that if the Mark degree could be worked in this vast array of languages then it could most certainly be worked in the "Doric". And so the idea was born, and after several practices the "Doric" Mark degree was worked by Past Master Brother Brian Jamieson and his Office Bearers during the annual Provincial visitation of 1993.

As many local brethren will know we are still working this degree, in our own distinctive and unique manner, and have over the intervening years been invited to many Lodges within and out with the Province to bestow a 518 "Doric Mark".

Although there are now several Englishman who are office bearers at #518, who can't speak Doric, we do nonetheless preserve our own unique style.

Pre-1995 #518 Mark Penny 1995 #518 Mark Penny Back of #518 Mark Penny

The old St. Andrew #518 Mark Penny

In April 1995 we had our own unique Mark Tokens pressed.

The back of the Mark Token.
This pattern can be found on the reverse of most Mark Tokens.

For puchasing information of the St. Andrew #518 Mark Token contact either
Lodge Secretary or Treasurer
Details on Contacts Page.

In 2001 we had these Mark jewels specifically made for us.

In 1997 we had these beautiful jewels made to commemorate our 125th. Anniversary.

St. Andrew #518 Mark Jewel St. Andrew #518 125th. Anniversary Jewel

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