Lodge St. Andrew #518

Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire East

Grand Lodge of Scotland

1st. Reigning Masters Degree 1991

Hosting Lodge: N/A Douglas Grant
Co-ordinator:Bro. Ian Sutherland
Venue:Solomon Masonic Hall / Fraserburgh
Master:Bro. Douglas Grant
Degree:3rd. / Master Mason

"The Provincial Grand Master Bro. Douglas Grant was asked by the RWM's to take the chair that evening, it being the very first meeting of its kind in the Province to our knowledge". - Bro. Ian Bain P.M.

Reigning Masters Degree 1991
Photo supplied by Bro. Ian Bain (Ugie #939).

Back RowFront Row (seated)
Bro. Kenneth Duncan - St. Andrew #518
Bro. Alfred Davidson - St. James #256
Bro. Derek Stephen - St. Olaf #1188
Bro. James Main - Solomon #197
Bro. Ian Sutherland - Leask #1084
Bro. James Davidson - P.G.M. Banffshire
Bro. Douglas Grant - P.G.M. Aberdeenshire East
Bro. Ian Bain - Ugie #939
Bro. Graham McCombie - Fraserburgh #1055