Lodge St. Andrew #518

Visitation to work a (1st.) Enterred Apprentice Degree

Lodge Camperdown #317

February 5th. 2005

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The Visiting Deputation from
Lodge Camperdown #317

John Wiseman

The Candidate

John Wiseman

Abby Clark and David Gillies

Abby Clark #317

David Gillies #518

Bro.'s Duthie, Wiseman and Gillies

With his Proposer & Seconder

Bro. Andrew Duthie (L) &
R.W.M. Bro. David Gillies (R)

...& his brother-in-law
Bro. Tom Nibloe (Ugie #939)

On behalf of all at St. Andrew #518 I would like to thank the R.W.M. Bro. Abby Clark and the Brethren of Lodge Camperdown #317 for their recent visit and commend them for their excellent, and somewhat different working of the Entered Apprentice Degree. John Wiseman and Tom Nibloe
Group Shot Clark, Wiseman and Gillies
The Ladies Many of the brethren who travelled up from Dundee were accompanied by their wives.

A special thank you to Mrs. Julie Grant (front right) for taking good care of the visitors wives.

The Harmony

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AFFM and Julie Grant     Bobby Duncan     CigarMan
Abby Clark, Bobby Duncan and David Gillies     Andrew Duthie
Andrew Duthie and Duncan Russell     Johnny Southworth and Duncan Russell
David Gillies     John Southworth     John Southworth
No idea     Dave Cooknell
No idea

And finally Past Master Bro. Eric Grant

Eric Grant Eric Grant Eric Grant Eric Grant