Lodge St. Andrew #518

Masonic Graphics by Bro. Stephen A. McKim

Past Master - Octagon #511 (Indiana, USA)
Member of - Battle Ground #313 (Indiana, USA)
Honorary Life Member - St. Andrew #518

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Bro. Stephen A McKim

The beautiful works of art featured in this section of the site are all created by Bro. McKim and displayed here with his kind permission.

All images are copyrighted.

Permission to use any of the graphics here will be granted to all users that wish to use them to promote Freemasonry in a positive manner, and are non-profit making. However, you must notify us of your intent so that we can in some small way keep a track on where and who.

Permission to use any of the graphics for any reason other than the above stated must be done by arrangement with

For more McKim Masonic Graphics check out our Sister Graphic Sites in the menu on the left.

I have tried to break the graphics down into categorical themes to make it easy to find specific graphics, and to speed up the page loading time, one huge page of graphics would take far too long to load. If you have any suggestions regarding further categories feel free to contact me with your suggestions.

All graphics are in one of three different formats .JPEG, .GIF, or .PNG. File formats are noted below each image.

There is no set order to any of the graphics, they are quite simply in the order that they came off my computer.

NB:    All linked images will open in a new window.

I have graphics for several more categories and these will be added as soon as time allows.

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and sadly, all too often goes unseen.

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