Lodge St. Andrew #518

Planting A Masonic Garden

First, plant five rows of peas.....

Then, plant four rows of squash....
Squash gossip,
Squash interference,
Squash indifference,
Squash unjust criticism.

Add five rows of lettuces.....
Let us be faithful to duty,
Let us be unselfish and loyal,
Let us be true to our obligations,
Let us obey rules and regulations,
Let us love one another.

And since no garden is complete without them, finally plant turnips.....
Turn up for meetings,
Turn up with a smile,
Turn up with new ideas,
Turn up with new members,
Turn up with determination to make everything count for something.

If you plant all of the above,
you will enjoy a perfect Masonic Garden,
and reap lots of pleasure for your effort !!!

Author Unknown

Many thanks to P.M. Bro. Robert Rankin for his kind permission to reproduce this poem here.

Caledonian Railway Lodge #354