Lodge St. Andrew #518

The Working Tools of an E-Mason


Dear e-Brethren:

I now present to you the working tools of an E-Mason. They are the mouse...the keyboard...
and the modem...

The mouse is an instrument used by operative E-Masons to move within the desktop, the keyboard to input the data, and the modem to publish the data to cyberspace.

But as we are not, however, here assembled as Computer Nerds, but rather as Speculative E-Masons, and to us these tools are downloaded as vehicles of moral significance and to show us the meaning of E-Masons.

The mouse teaches us to keep within the bounds of the screen - a square wherein which we must all meet.

The Keyboard to show us that communication will lead us to a better understanding of each other, and the rest of mankind.

And the Modem to teach us that even when we are alone on the most remote part of the globe, we may meet and gain moral sustenance from each other, and thus learn more of the wonderful works of the GAOTU.

Author Unknown.

So far I've traced this ditty back to the New Jersey Freemasons list in Yahoo, where it says...
Don't blame me brothers I am copying this from another list.
Bert Kovash
List Co-Administrator

    Thanks to :
Bro. Steve McKim who sent me this ditty and who put me in touch with...
Bro. Richard McGlasshan who then put me in touch with...
Bro. Fernando Doylet who supplied the Yahoo information.

If anyone does know who wrote it please let me know so I can give credit where its due.

mouse mouse mouse