Lodge St. Andrew #518

Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire East

Grand Lodge of Scotland

Reigning Masters Degree

The Reigning Masters Degree is as the name suggests a Degree worked by as many of the 14 current Reigning Masters as can be mustered, and has been held annually since 1991.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Aberdeenshire East

It is customary for a Reigning Master to 'volunteer' at the Provincial Communication Meeting following the Degree.

It is then up to the 'volunteer' Master to select a venue (not necessarily his own Lodge), confirm the date, provide or organise a candidate, etc...

The degree worked is usually a 3rd. (Master Mason Degree), but on occasion a 1st. or a 2nd. have been worked..... its up to the 'volunteer' and/or the availabilty of a suitable candidate

Having taken part in two such degrees myself I can tell you that much credit should be given to the 'volunteer' Master, the format of the degree is that of the hosting Lodge, and I can vouch that we work 14 very unique degrees in this Province, getting all that to come together presents its own challenges.

Credit should also be given to those Masters that take on the various offices required to work the degree, for some its like re-learning something that should be very familiar.

As you can see from the menu on the left there are many years missing, so if you are reading this and have or know of a photo from a missing year, or even a better photo, please get in touch....

And lastly I apologise to all those Reigning Masters whose names I have forgotten or never knew and are currently listed as Bro. ??? ???... any help in filling in these blanks would be greatly appreciated.