Lodge St. Andrew #518

Installation of Bro. Duncan Alexander Russell

February 4th. 2012

Duncan Russell
Back Row
  • P.M. Bro.Ian J. Bain
    Lodge Ugie #939
  • P.M. Bro. Colin Smith
    Lodge Fraser #267
  • P.M. Bro. Joe Brice
    Lodge Ugie #939
Installing Team Front Row
  • Bro. Andre Russell
  • P.M. Bro. Eric Grant
  • P.M. Bro. Brian Jamieson
  • R.W..M. Bro. Duncan Russell
  • P.M. Bro. John Southworth
    Installing Master
  • P.M. Bro. Tom Robertson
  • P.M. Bro. Kenny Duncan
Group photo
With special thanks to... Bro. Scott Winchester
Lodge Leask #1084
Bro. Stephen A. McKim I was there.... in spirit.....
thought about your journey most of the day.....
and wishing I could have been there.....

Bro. Steve McKim
P.M. Octagon #511 (Indiana, USA) / Battle Ground #313 (Indiana, USA) / H.M. St. Andrew #518