Lodge St. Andrew #518

Installation of Bro. John Southworth


2007 Photo Gallery

John Southworth This R.W.M. model whilst vaguely familiar comes with its own distinct dark - but greying - facial hair. Captured here in the early stages this growth is sure to become thicker and bushier. But fear not, this hair only grows during the harshest of Scottish winters and is sure to be gone by early Spring.
Deputation from the Keith Lodge of Peterhead #56

Installing Board and Visitors

  • P.M. Bro. John Nicol
  • P.M. Bro. Bob Ballatine
  • R.W.M. Bro. Dennis MacLeod
  • P.M. Bro. Tom Buchan
  • P.M. Bro. Jimmy Grubb
  • R.W.M. Bro. John Southworth
  • P.M. Bro. George MacLean
  • Bro. ??? ???
  • Bro. Nicky Stephen
    Lodge St. James #256
  • Bro. Graham ???
  • Bro. Jackie Lamb
  • Bro. Kevin Lamb
  • P.M. Bro. Bill Urquhart
  • P.M. Bro. Harry Lamb

Installing Master of the Keith Lodge #56 Installing Board

Jimmy Grubb and John Southworth

P.P.G.M. Bro. Jimmy Grubb

The Deputation from the Keith Lodge of Peterhead #56

and the newly installed Office Bearers of

Lodge St. Andrew #518