Lodge St. Andrew #518

How to Become a Freemason..?

For some reason there's a lot of discussion surrounding the aspect of becoming Freemasonry.
This is one of the simplest subjects to cover...

...despite the fact that there are many rumours and falsehoods with regards to the initial steps of how to become a Freemason most of which aren't even worthy of a response. The best of which is probably that the only way to join is by invitation. This is a rumour and has no substance whatsoever, I actually grew up believing this, and if it wasn't for the fact that my father-in-law is a Freemason I probably wouldn't be sitting here writing these words. The way to join is quite simply to ask !

If you frequent Masonic type websites then you've probably seen this 2B1ASK1 written somewhere, or perhaps a rendition of the above graphic, and it does literally mean "To Be One, Ask One".

The obvious come back to this question is ask who ?
And the obvious answer would be a Freemason. Simple enough !

Unless of course you don't know any Masons, or know them well enough that you feel comfortable asking. This is where the internet is a masterpiece of its own accord. Most websites have contact information, usually in the form of an e-mail address. Well you're obviously on the net (or you couldn't be reading this, unless you've broken into my house and are now playing with my PC ?!?) so find that email address, click the button, and type a few simple words expressing your desire for information on how to join.

Can't find a Masonic Lodge in your district ? Again the web can help you out. There are a few options are open to you here...

  1. Make use of your search engine. After a few attempts you should be able to narrow your search down to a site that will provide you with an address or other contact information. Or you can click the link ADDRESS GUIDE TO LODGES IN SCOTLAND in the left hand menu. After a while you should be able to find the closest Lodge.
  2. Make use of the contact information on a site such as this and request information about Masonic Lodges in your area. If the Webmaster can't help you he should be able to provide you with further information of some kind.
  3. Sign the Guestbook on a site such as this requesting that someone contact you with regards to joining. Be sure to leave details of the area you are living in.
  4. If you know where your local Masonic Lodge is, stop one of the Brethren on his way there and ask him.

I think you will find that whatever steps you initially take, you will find that they are well received and encouraged.

But you do have to ask, we are not allowed to actively seek out or recruit members !

The criteria isn't very strict...

NB: This does not necessarily mean the Christian God (another falsehood), people from all religions are welcome, and you will at no time be asked to do, say, or partake in anything that in anyway goes against your faith.

If you're still interested and want to know more you can contact me using the contact information in the menu. Alternatively if you think you would like to know more before committing yourself type "Becoming A Freemason" or "2B1ASK1" into a search engine such as Google, it is a much written about subject and should cover a majority of questions.